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Domestic Violence Attorney in Commack, New York

I am an experienced domestic violence lawyer with over 14 years of experience providing criminal defense for people facing domestic violence or spousal abuse charges in Metro New York and the Long Island Court system.

Many times, a domestic violence charge is made during a difficult divorce. Sometimes the charge is a lie, meant to get a husband out of the house so a wife can gain the upper hand in a divorce and child custody case. Sometimes the allegation is true and a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend lost control during a difficult situation.

Domestic abuse situations are complex. The police may have only one part of the picture. Whatever your situation is, you deserve to be heard, to understand the charges and the consequences, and to have your rights defended in court.

Instead of evaluating the unique facts of each case, district attorneys often apply a cookie-cutter approach that in many cases harms the families that prosecutors are supposedly trying to help.

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Domestic Violence Injunctions and Divorce Cases

Because domestic violence crimes are so common in New York many counties and boroughs in New York have created their courtrooms designed just to handle Domestic Violence crimes. These integrated courtrooms address both criminal law and family law aspects of a single case. There is no actual crime called Domestic Violence, rather it is used to refer to a collection of family law-related crimes. Some offenses that are considered to be under this category include rape, assault, menacing, harassment, kidnapping, aggravated harassment, and murder.

These types of cases often involve false accusations. Just the allegations (even unproven) can have devastating consequences for the accused. These allegations can result in an Order of Protection being issued, which will prevent the accused from seeing their children. False accusations can also have a serious negative impact on personal and professional relationships. If you have been charged with a crime, we understand how unsettling an experience this can be. Contact our legal team for support.