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Mr. Salinger Will Get the Job Done!

I originally hired Mr. Salinger in 2016 for a family court case. From the moment I met him, his kind personality, warm welcome and thorough answers to all of my questions was just the beginning of a great experience in what I thought was going to be extremely stressful. To my surprise, not only did we get through the case to my satisfactory but Mr. Salinger was not only professional, but thoroughly explained the process of everything going on. In July of 2021 I again hired Mr. Salinger due to the outcome and experience with him back in 2016. Again, he was kind, professional, answered all my questions thoroughly, and I had a lot as this case was a bit more complex. To say I was stressed about it was an understatement. However, Mr. Salinger helped throughout the entire process, eased my fears and went above and beyond. Mr. Salinger knows how to treat his clients and that was extremely helpful. I have dealt with lawyers before who tent to be a little mean and explain in lawyers terms and Mr. Salinger was the opposite, had no problem explaining things to me 10 times if he had to and with grace. I also dealt with his legal secretary Melodie and I see why they make such an amazing team. She was just as kind, helpful and as professional as Mr. Salinger. She took time to speak with me when Mr. Salinger was in court and gave me the same treatment he did...explained anything and everything I needed to know and went above and beyond. Mr. Joel Salinger is not only an amazing lawyer, but an overall great man who gets the job done. His kindness does not get in the way of him getting the job done as he did so twice for me and with no nonsense. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a lawyer to go with Mr. Salinger...I am confident he will get the job done for you! Thank you both, Mr. Salinger and Melodie for your kindness, thorough help and pleasant experience at a time I was going through something difficult, you made such an impact on my feelings regarding my cases and eased my stress a great deal and I can not thank you enough!

- Danielle

Wisdom with kindness

I met with Mr. Joel R. Salinger July 12, 2021 for a free consultation with anticipation of closure to my dilemma, but after listening to my case Joel informed me of the New York State Law and possible rulings. I am grateful for his knowledge and experience. I highly recommend this Attorney.

- Elena J.

Thank You, for Ultimately Saving My Life!!!!

I met Joel Salinger a little over two years ago. I was at the darkest point in my life & was introduced to Joel in a jail cell with a few very serious charges against me. Joel took me on as an A18 attorney, meaning he fought for me without getting paid. I was in active addiction & couldn’t believe that any human would want anything to do with me let alone fight for me. From the beginning Joel was very encouraging and kind to me. We went from vacating warrants to additional arrests and he never judged me or treated me any different, he was always understanding. Joel believed in me when no one else did & without him knowing he became a very big part in my recovery. In the court room Joel was always professional, & well liked by every judge. He was always prepared and always on his A game. Joel always kept constant contact with me regarding court dates, he always explained everything in full detail to me. He talked me out of anxiety attacks many times, and even took time to speak with my ten year old son. Joel left me in a position to only better myself with rehab and without the burden of a criminal record. Two years later I was able to drive away from the court house with a valid license. The only way to repay Joel is to stay sober, and to let him know his part in saving my life. Thank You Joel!!!

- Courtney

Awesome Guy! Cares About People, the Law & Justice

I found Mr. Salinger on line and called him straight away. He was, from the onset, very kind and sincere. I explained to him, the nature of my very difficult traffic case, and the injustice I'd been dealing with since 2004, regarding a bad court ruling by a rogue judge, despite definitive proof that I did indeed have car insurance when an equally rogue cop pulled me over that day 15 years ago. Which was now carrying over to the present day, after finally being issued a new driver's license. I had no money, having lost my job 6 months prior, and I was facing thousands of dollars worth of fines. He knew as much, though had me come see him at his Commack office, where he spent more than an hour listening intently to me, going over my proof and evidence, gathered over time from Geico, the supporting docs sent to me from their underwriting department, on record since 2004. Offering strategies for a defense, calling his network of attorneys' people he knew could help me, dispensing valuable advice worth more than gold, and finally, commiserating with me about what a bum deal I'd gotten 15 years ago, and what awful misfortune I'd been dealt vis a vis the skunky lawyers' who'd botched my present case. Joel Salinger is an ace. An A+ guy, with humor and grace, a lovely soul who took an interest in me, as a person, caring more about his desire to help me get the very best defense, than he was, about my ability to come up with money to pay him. Incidentally, he'd been in touch with me, and took my phone calls, for several weeks, before I finally saw him at his office. He had to be somewhere that day, and yet, I was in his office for nearly 2 hours. In the end, he reached out to 2 very prominent attorneys and set up a meeting with me, to see David Mansfield, of Islandia, NY the following day. What a wonderful man! Joel Richard Salinger, a terrific lawyer, a man of honor, a great ally. Down to earth. And he cares about people, the law and the desire to see that justice is served. You want him as your lawyer. I recommend him very highly.

- Suzanne

An Attorney who cares about you

I was really down and out thinking that no one could help me where I cried a lot, but then I met Joel Salinger. Talking to Joel was like talking to a friend he listened and he would lightened up my sad moments i was having to where I was able to have faith to believe in him and that he could help me and he did. He faught for me caring only about what was needed and what was best for me. Thank you Joel Salinger for all that you have done to turn my situation into a happy ending.

- Rhonda

Setelment of separation

Esq. Salinger was expedient in obtaining a resolution that was in my favor.

- Anonymous

Highly recommend Joel Salinger

Joel handled my divorce after a decade long marriage that included three children. Joel was professional, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable. He made himself available at abt time to answer my questions and he saw the matter through to a very thoughtful conclusion that was agreeable to all involved. I will and have recommended Joel to others.

- Dave

Cares More About Me and My Family than Money

Mr. Salinger did everything that was expected of him. I could be certain that whatever he said he was going to do he did it. He was available to talk to me whenever I needed him or his paralegal. Pu He was there for me and genuinely cared about me and my family . He went above and beyond for me. The court system is slow and has nothing to do with the expediency of the lawyer. I know most attorneys will not even go back to court without money up front, Joel always worked with me, he also knew that I was the victim not the enemy, Hire Mr. Salinger if you are looking for honesty and someone who takes your case because he believes in doing the right thing. I would hire him again and still can call him today if I need advice...You can't go wrong.

- Kay

Excellent Attorney

Joel was professional, understanding, articulate and always prepared. Dedicated and hard working, Joel will stop at nothing to have your voice heard. Always reassuring and relaxing...this man kept his office open for me until 8pm on the day I was served with divorce papers. He sat me down, explained the process and reassured me that everything will be ok...and it was.

Every divorce is unique and Joel takes the time (often on weekends and holidays) to return calls and answer questions.

Mel is an invaluable resource as well. She's sharp, intelligent and well versed in the law. Just like Joel, she takes the time to answer questions and explain what's going on.

If you need an attorney, Joel is the guy. No question. I'd recommend him without hesitation. There's not a lawyer in this world that can guarantee you a "win". You won't win every battle and you won't get each and every little thing you want. The law is the law and you have to know that. What Joel WILL do is make sure you are well represented and that your rights are protected. He will fight for you tenaciously, but fairly. He will guide you and get you through what is a most stressful time in your life. You're not a paycheck to him and you're not a means to a partnership. You're a person and a client. You cannot say that about a lot of lawyers, but I can say that about Joel. With no hesitation or hyperbole.

- Joe

Love This Attorney

Joel was great at handling my divorce situation. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Salinger, he was always professional, and helped me achieve the outcome I was hoping for. Divorce is an emotional situation, and I was helped through the process by trusting in my attorney and taking his advice.

- Anonymous

Knowledgeable , Personable, Tenacious - Best Lawyer I have ever hired!

Mr. Salinger was extraordinary. His negotiation skills were sensational. He handled my divorce and was able to help me obtain and outcome that everyone said was impossible. I was going through a health crisis at the time and Joel was more than an attorney, was was a friend too. I will never forget his patience and emotional support. Something you don't expect from your lawyer.

- Bruce S.