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CPS/ACS Attorney in Commack, New York

People observing questionable conduct involving children should report these matters to Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) depending on the county in which they live. The list of issues that could be reported is extensive but a person should use their best judgment when deciding to make a report. It is always best to err on the side of caution and make the report if you feel strongly. Every report is kept anonymous unless released by court order.

There are individuals that by law are mandatory reporters. These include school principals, teachers, doctors, and therapists among others. When a mandatory reporter speaks with a child, they are required to report any signs of abuse or maltreatment.

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CPS investigates all allegations. Investigations can be founded or unfounded. People who are indicated in a report may be charged with neglect along with most do not rise to the level of neglect. Nevertheless, no one wants to be in the state's central registry as the subject of an indicated Child Protective Services report.

Such reports are held on file in the registry for 23 years. These reports can greatly affect a person's ability to work in certain federal and state agencies, and/or as a teacher or daycare provider.

My firm handles scores of matters every year. I am well versed in dealing with CPS /ACS and can gain the information necessary to properly represent your case. I can ask that reports be removed, marked unfounded, or otherwise determined in favor of the client.

If necessary, we represent our clients at hearings before the appropriate court or agency. I work diligently so that we can be successful in hearings with the goal to have the most favorable outcome possible.