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Paternity Attorney in Commack, New York

Do you need to secure Father’s Rights? Request Custody. Are you looking to establish paternity for the benefit of your child/children receiving child support? Whatever side of the issue you are on you can put your trust in our law office to help you navigate the difficult waters of Family Court.

DNA testing is today frequently used to determine paternity, when in dispute and is often used against the father as part of imposing a child support order. Paternity may also be established by a specific written document called an acknowledgment, which you must file with the birth registrar.

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Establishing paternity with a petition to the court or an acknowledgment of paternity form is important for unwed couples if they separate and a parent seeks custody or child support. Both parents have rights, but an unmarried father can exercise them only if a court says so. If the parents are not married, the father must obtain legal recognition to maintain contact with the child once he is separated from the mother.

A determination of Paternity can dramatically introduce a whole slew of Family Law issues which may include; Child Custody (Shared or Joint Custody or Full Custody) Visitation and Child Support. We can explain that establishing parentage grants parental rights to the recognized father and also makes certain the correct person is given responsibility for child support.

DNA testing technology has improved in recent years. A painless and easy swab of the inside of the cheek can hold the key to proving paternity. We can explain the DNA testing process and help you request that a test be performed. Given that the well-being of a child is at stake, child support issues are an important concern and the assistance of an experienced lawyer is essential to the process.