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Elder Law Attorney in Commack, New York

Whether you are a baby boomer settling into retirement or have a loved one that you are caring for over the age of 50 and need assistance planning for their future, you can turn to the Law Office of Joel R. Salinger, P.C. At my firm, I am committed to providing the best possible representation to individuals and families throughout the state of New York. My experience and comprehensive approach to each case provide my clients with the best possible resolution to their elder law concerns!

Estate Planning

My firm can assist with many aspects of estate planning, including drafting a will or trust and ensuring that your estate's administration is properly handled. If you are a beneficiary looking to protect your rights or are an individual seeking assistance with drafting a final will and testament, do not hesitate to work with me.

Advocating for Your Future

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Legal guardianship may be necessary for elderly individuals who are unable to make arrangements for their own affairs. Establishing guardianship can be done prior to this situation. An attorney from our firm can help safeguard your rights and protect your wishes by assisting you with establishing a legal guardian who will follow your wishes when you are unable to make these wishes known on your own.

Health Care Proxy and Living Will

In a health care proxy, a person is appointed to make decisions regarding your healthcare in the event that you are unable to do so. A living will is a separate document that specifies your wishes as to instructions for extraordinary lifesaving measures including life support, and blood transfusions as well as your wishes on organ or tissue donation. Establishing a proxy and living will can help you rest assured that your wishes will be carried out legally and fully.