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Estate Planning & Wills Attorney in Commack, New York

Every client of my practice is encouraged to review, prepare, and/or update a will on a regular basis. As family circumstances, assets, and goals change, the guidance of a trusted estate planning lawyer is invaluable. At the Law Office of Joel R. Salinger, P.C., I am an experienced, attentive estate planning attorney who advises clients on effective means of transferring assets, minimizing taxes, and protecting assets.

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Whether my clients seek simple wills to handle modest estates or more complex wills with complex asset portfolios in mind, I advise them on the most advantageous ways of holding and passing on assets. I review such related matters as the naming of beneficiaries on retirement funds and life insurance policies. I talk about legal guardianships that will clarify the financial status of minor children or supplemental needs trusts or special needs trusts for disabled family members.

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Young adults sometimes neglect will preparation out of the belief that death is far off. I remind my clients of all ages and life stages of the importance of maintaining up-to-date, well-thought-out wills.

Under New York State Law, when both parents are deceased, custody of the minor children is decided by the Surrogates Court. The only document that the court may refer to as to the parent’s wishes for custody of the children is a valid will. Failure to properly execute a will can lead to fights among family and friends as to who should have custody of your children.

Wills enable people to decide where they want their assets to go at the end of their lives, rather than relying on New York statutes to make this important decision. A person making a will can name the executor of the will, name guardians for minor children, include business succession plans, and establish trusts, such as supplemental needs trusts and special needs trusts - all within the crucial document of the will.